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Consumer Reports from Hell

 With the help of fluoride promoters, Consumer Reports prepared and published a two-part article on fluoride in its July and August 1978 issues.  The writer of these articles was Mr. Joseph Botta.  Mr. Botta holds a Master of Arts Degree in English, but no scientific degree.  In this article he passed along the same lies and slander used by the promoters to the trusting readers of Consumer Reports.

    The Consumer Reportsarticle on fluoridation is the most artfully written piece incorporating the lies and slander necessary to discredit the research and personalities of scientists showing that fluoridation is harmful.  It is by far the Number One Article distributed by the government bureaucrats in their promotion of fluoridation.  This is not because government bureaucrats are not skillful liars.  It is because, by having their spoon-fed material rewritten and published by a 'consumer' magazine, their lies become more believable.  Dr. William Bock of the Centers for Disease Control thought it was so good that he ordered 10,000 reprints and paid for them with federal tax dollars!  The American Dental Association gave Mr. Botta an award for writing it!

    This Consumer Reports article was used by U.S. Public Health Service bureaucrats to provide a 'scientific' foundation for their views on fluoridation.  The situation has become ludicrous.  For example, Dr. Vernon Houk, the director of the Environmental Center for Health of the Centers for Disease Control Traveled all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, to St. Paul, Minnesota, to give his 'expert' testimony by reading from the Consumer Reportsarticle.

     The 'Big Lie' in this article and the phrase most often quoted from it is the claim that "The simple truth is that there's no 'scientific controversy' over the safety of fluoridation."  In 1990, Dr. Edward Groth III, the technical director for Consumer Reports, nullified this claim by stating:  "The point is that this is a legitimate scientific controversy.  Proponents of fluoridation insist that there are no grounds for controversy at all, and with that, I totally disagree."  This hasn't stopped proponents from quoting the same phrase to this day.

Who is Stephen Barrett?

Dr. Stephen Barrett, a psychiatrist, helped in the preparation of the 1978 Consumer Reports article and of the 1988 book Abuse of the Scientific Literature in an Antifluoridation Pamphlet.  He has close ties with the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association, and the U.S. Public Health Service.  He is a recipient of the FDA award for 'quack-busting' and is a coauthor, along with William Jarvis and others, of the 1993 book Reader's Guide to Alternative Health Methods, published by the American Medical Association.  In this book, he cites, and gives summaries of, the two publications mentioned above to inform his readers about fluoridation.  He is a science and editorial adviser to the American Council of Science and Health.

     A glimpse into his character can be gained through his habitual use of words to mean their exact opposite.  For example, in an article entitled 'Poison Mongers', Dr. Barrett refers to people who are trying to stop the addition of fluoride, a poison, to the water supply as poison-mongers.  Now, a monger is one who sells something (e.g. a fishmonger is a person who sells fish).  Therefore, it is quite evident that a poison-monger is a person who sells poison.  Thus, one opposed to having fluoride added to the water supply is exactly the opposite of a poison-monger.  The word usage of Dr. Barrett is comparable to the process called 'Newspeak' described in George Orwell's 1984, where what is true becomes false and what is false becomes true.  The first few paragraphs of Dr. Barrett's article 'Poison-Mongers' is the best example of how Dr. Barrett has used 'Newspeak':

        "In hundreds of American communities citizens have voted against healthier teeth.
        "They were confused -- by poison-mongers.
        "These alarmists in our society are using confusion and a scare vocabulary as
    weapons against fluoridation.  They are cheating all of us, but especially our children.
        "The benefits of fluoridation are supported by 10,000 scientific studies which prove
    the poison-mongers are wrong.
        "What do poison-mongers say?
        "Instead of telling you that fluoride is found naturally in all water,
    they call it a 'pollutant'. If nature had intended an over abundance of any element in water, then why doesn't nature push the concentration of sodium fluoride to 1ppm?  BECAUSE NATURE DOESN'T MAKE SODIUM FLUORIDE-IT'S A MAN MADE INDUSTRIAL WASTE!!!
        "Instead of telling you that fluoride is a nutrient essential to life,
    they call it a 'poison'. So-where does fluoride fit into the living equation?  What hospital is feeding 'life-giving' fluoride to their patients?
        "Instead of the big truth, that fluoridation has never harmed anyone,
    they tell the big lie and say it causes hundreds of ailments." 

This article was published in newspapers across the country and was printed in the November 1976 issue of the journal of the American Dental Association.  It has also been used by the U.S. Public Health Service in its 'education' of Congressmen and in its campaign to get various areas around the country fluoridated...

     Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, excerpt from chapter 19, "The Extended Conspiracy:  Their Evil Network",  Fluoride the Aging Factor, pp 186-188, (1993), Health Action Press. 

    With the myriad of problems plaguing mankind such as crippling disease, chronic pain, depression, AIDS, eating disorders, emotional abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, hatred, inflation, poverty, homeless people, bankruptcy, corruption, ... and more, why are the politicians and the powers that be so concerned about our teeth?  The real problems are running away like so many dangerously wild speeders on the freeway while tooth decay is merely the broken tail light on the car of an up-standing, law abiding citizen.  Who gets cited first and foremost?...  No one.

     Tooth decay is a small, negligible problem which is mainly a matter of dental hygiene, general cleanliness.  Even if fluoride really is the miracle nutrient that pro-fluoridationists say it is, it's still not worth a hill of beans to someone who does not practice simple, personal hygiene.  Are the politicians really questioning our personal hygiene?!  In reality, it's not tooth decay control that the fluoride producers and distributors are looking for; it is simply control .

    The Reader may call The Doctor an alarmist, but fluoridation is only a small part of the puzzle that leads to the overall weakening of the United States and other democracies as a people.

     There is a saying that "Those Forever caught in Desert Lands Must Learn to Disbelieve the Sea." This saying reflects a people forever plagued by pain, disease, and economic stress, even social standing, who will always be too distracted to question authority.  The average person is always too tired after a repetitious, 8-hour day trying to make ends meet and put food on the table for his family to ask if his life could be better.  The average person is forever plagued by chronic aches and pains, premature aging-too plagued to ask if a people can exist without sickness.  The average person is forever worried about the economic stress and idolotries like insurance, tax, status symbols-like a house, a car, a new suit, to ask if technology in his society could be better.  The average person is forever worried about surviving from day to day rather than ask how much farther ahead we should be as a people, technologically and spiritually.  The average person is hit with a constant barage of shallow commercialism that could not be farther from any kind of deep spiritual thought.  The average person is bereft of God.

    So, the average person, forever consumed within his own life, forever plagued with all of society's problems, must trust the politicians in power to do the right thing for him while his opinion is shaped by a controlled media-and he is trained to disbelieve that anything else can be right for him-trained to disbelieve 'the sea' of great possibilities.  The people behind the scenes, the real people in power, in turn, constantly look for ways to weaken the minds and bodies of Americans, the most heinous being the genetic weakening of the American people through chronic poisoning over the generations-until we are completely susceptible to their wills and become a country of weakened, Godless souls.

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