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(Listed below are additional cases of mass fluoride poisoning due to fluoride spills) 

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{The most frightening aspect of this list is that such spills have occurred in other places and are probably occuring in every fluoridated area, but are NOT being reported.  Attempts were made to cover up the Annapolis and Marin County spills.  People in Annapolis were not told about the spill until two weeks after it occurred, and only then when the local newspaper leaked the news.  As an excuse, the county 'health' officer stated:  "We did not want to jeopardize the Fluoridation Program." In Marin County, people were not notified of the spill until one week later.}

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(Other studies showing that fluoridated water depresses thyroid activity are listed below)

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(The Following is a partial list of laboratory studies showing that low levels of fluoride in water has a disruptive effect on various tissues.)

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 (The following is a list of some additional clinical studies of fluoride induced diseases.)

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 et al., Dr. John Yiamouyiannis

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