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Fluoride-Cancer Study Cover Up - Update

This update includes Pam Killeen's recent (August 2005) interview with Paul Connett, PhD. This excellent 58 minute discussion will give you a quick snapshot of this whole sordid issue and is a must hear!

The following link is referenced in the above interview and is an eye opener: 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation. This is an absolute required reading for anyone with children or planning to have them! Allowing this madness to continue is tantamount to child abuse!

Putting silicofluorides in our water is food adulteration of the highest kind, while sodium fluoride is medication without consent plain and simple! We are dealing with the greediest of the greediest and not reasonable people by any stretch of the imagination here!

...."Bassin analyzed the case/control data that Douglass had compiled from U.S. hospitals in the early 1990s under a grant from the NIEHS. In analyzing the data, Bassin found that males exposed to fluoridated water during their "mid-childhood growth spurt" (ages 6 to 8) had a significantly increased risk of developing osteosarcoma later in life. Bassin described these findings, in a dissertation that Douglass and four other Harvard scientists reviewed and approved, as "remarkably robust."....

....Now that we have learned what his data showed, Douglass' failure to disclose these findings is deeply troubling and the Fluoride Action Network is formally asking the NIH to remove him from the study."...

Here is one more proof (as if more was needed) on how the clear cut dangers of the fluoridation are maintained as controversial. I am afraid that should the FAN request to remove Douglass from the study come to pass, item 4 below "Commit to making the more recent data available as soon as possible so that it can also be available for the NRC's review of fluoride. Much of this data has now been compiled for years." will simply be shelved to maintain the status quo.

These shenanigan's continually put the future of our outstanding and honest students in jeopardy. This is a clear demonstration on how these control tactics are used to filters out the politically incorrect data and reinforce dishonest industry prostitutes such as Douglass.

I do hope FAN will follow this up through the courts if necessary.

Chris Gupta

See also: Debunking The "So Called" Fluoride "Experts."

Group calls on NIH to remove
Harvard professor from fluoride-cancer study.

JULY 28, 2005.

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN), today urged that a Harvard Professor be removed from a research group studying the association between fluoride and osteosarcoma because his objectivity and ethics are disputed and he has ties to a company that profits from fluoride. FAN also urges other steps be taken to ensure this study meets the highest standards of scientific integrity.

In June, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) charged Chester Douglass, a professor at Harvard and editor of Colgate's oral health newsletter, with suppressing research linking fluoridation to osteosarcoma, a rare but frequently fatal form of bone cancer. (1) Douglass remains central to the ongoing project.

In a letter sent today to Dr. Elias A. Zerhouni, the Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), FAN requests that Douglass be replaced with a scientist who is independent of the fluoridation debate, and has no other conflict of interest. (2) FAN also requests the NIH make the data of the $1.3 million taxpayer-funded study freely available for full independent review.

EWG recently issued an ethics complaint against Douglass for misrepresenting his doctoral student's successful dissertation linking fluoridation to osteosarcoma. (3)

Elise Bassin, Douglass' doctoral student, analyzed data collected from U.S. hospitals in the early 1990s by a team of scientists led by Douglass and funded by NIH. In her case-control study, Bassin found that males exposed to fluoridated water during their "mid-childhood growth spurt" (ages six to eight) had a significantly increased risk of later developing osteosarcoma. Bassin described the findings as "remarkably robust." (4)

Bassin's dissertation, completed in May 2001 but unpublished and unknown prior to FAN obtaining a copy earlier this year, was recently sent to several expert reviewers by a Wall Street Journal science writer. The reviewers found it to be of "publishable quality." The head of oral health at the CDC, and fluoridation supporter, William Maas said, "She did great shoe-leather epidemiology." (5) According to EWG, Bassin's work "is the most rigorous study of the link between bone cancer and fluoride in tap water ever conducted in the United States." (6)

Prior to the discovery of Bassin's results, the only information available on Douglass' research was a very brief summary published in 1995 in the Journal of Dental Research where Douglass reported no link between fluoridation and bone cancer. (7) Despite assurances by Douglass that a more comprehensive analysis of his data would be forthcoming, Douglass never published the study.

"It's been 10 years now, and Douglass has yet to publish the findings of his first study," says Paul Connett, PhD, Executive Director of FAN. "Now that we know what his data showed, Douglass' failure to disclose these findings is deeply troubling. It will simply not be possible for us or the general public to have confidence in any further work he produces on this matter."

Summarizing Connett says, ©With lives at risk and the public's trust at stake, the NIH cannot afford anything less than to secure scrupulous scientific integrity on this study. We are asking that NIH do three things: 1) remove Douglass from the study; 2) demonstrate that none of the other study members has any other conflict of interest or ties to the government's fluoridation program, and, 3) make the data of the study, not just the conclusions, available for independent analysis and review.©


Paul Connett, PhD
Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network
Tel: 315-379-9200
Email: paul @

Carol Kopf
Media Relations Director, Fluoride Action Network
Email: carol @


(1) Washington Post, "Professor at Harvard is Being Investigated," July 13, 2005.

(2) Letter to National Institutes of Health

(3) Environmental Working Group, "Harvard Fluoride Findings Misrepresented?" July 13, 2005.

(4) Bassin EB. (2001). Association Between Fluoride in Drinking Water During Growth and Development and the Incidence of Ostosarcoma for Children and Adolescents. Doctoral Thesis, Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

(5) Wall Street Journal, "Fluoridation, Cancer: Did Researchers Ask the Right Questions?", July 22, 2005.


(7) Journal of Dental Research 1995; Volume 74, Page 98.


July 27, 2005

Dr. Elias Zerhouni
National Institutes of Health
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20892
Sent via Email:

Dear Dr. Zerhouni,

Knowing of your concerns about ensuring 
scientific integrity in the work of the NIH, we 
wish to draw your attention to a very troubling 
situation which has developed in an important 
NIH-funded study on fluoride and osteosarcoma.

Professor Chester Douglass of Harvard, a lead 
investigator of the project, has been charged by 
the Environmental Working Group (EWG) with 
misrepresenting the study's findings. (1) More 
specifically, Douglass has been charged with 
misrepresenting the results of an NIDCR-funded 
PhD Dissertation conducted by his own doctoral 
student, Elise Bassin.

For her dissertation, Bassin analyzed the 
case/control data that Douglass had compiled from 
U.S. hospitals in the early 1990s under a grant 
from the NIEHS. In analyzing the data, Bassin 
found that males exposed to fluoridated water 
during their "mid-childhood growth spurt" (ages 6 
to 8) had a significantly increased risk of 
developing osteosarcoma later in life. Bassin 
described these findings, in a dissertation that 
Douglass and four other Harvard scientists 
reviewed and approved, as "remarkably robust." (2-4)

Bassin's dissertation was completed in May of 
2001. A Wall Street Journal science writer 
recently sent her thesis to several expert 
reviewers who found it to be of publishable 
quality. (5) The head of oral health at the 
Centers for Disease Control, William Maas, told 
the Wall Street Journal that Bassin "did great 
shoe-leather epidemiology." (5) According to EWG, 
"the Bassin work is the most rigorous study of 
the link between bone cancer and fluoride in tap 
water ever conducted in the United States." (6)

However, despite the merits of Bassin's analysis, 
and despite the taxpayer dollars that funded it 
(via both NIDCR and NIEHS), her findings were 
never released. Hence, prior to the Fluoride 
Action Network obtaining a copy of the thesis 
earlier this year, the only publicly available 
information on Douglass' 13-year NIH study, was a 
very brief summary that Douglass published in 
1995 in the Journal of Dental Research. (7) In 
that summary, Douglass reported no association 
between fluoride and osteosarcoma. In the 
summary, he stated that a more comprehensive 
analysis would be forthcoming. However, it's now 
been 10 years, and Douglass has yet to publish this
promised analysis.

Now that we have learned what his data showed, 
Douglass' failure to disclose these findings is 
deeply troubling and the Fluoride Action Network 
is formally asking the NIH to remove him from the study.

Adding to our concern is the fact that Douglass 
has a possible conflict of interest in the 
outcome of this study because he is a consultant 
to Colgate (he edits their quarterly Oral Care 
Report). Colgate is one of the world's largest 
manufacturers of fluoridated toothpaste - a major 
source of fluoride exposure during childhood.

In addition to removing Douglass from the study, 
we would ask that the NIH demonstrate that none 
of the other study members have conflicts of 
interest either, which would include ties to the 
government's fluoridation program.

Finally, in our view, the ultimate safeguard for 
the public is an NIH commitment that the data of 
the study, not just the conclusions, be made 
available for independent analysis and review.

I hope that you agree that since the public, 
through your agency, has paid for this study, it 
is critically important that any ongoing work is 
not only conducted honestly, but is perceived to 
be conducted honestly. Not only are the lives of 
many young men possibly at risk but the trust of 
millions of American parents is at stake.

In summary therefore, we are asking the NIH:

1) Remove Chester Douglass from this ongoing study.

2) Demonstrate that there are no conflicts of 
interest with any of the other study group members.

3) Commit to making the data used in the 1995 
[Douglass] and 2001 [Bassin] reports available 
promptly for independent analysis and review. The 
schedule of the NRC Fluoride Toxicology panel 
dictates that this disclosure needs to occur in 
the next several weeks to allow this important 
review panel to fully consider this data.

4) Commit to making the more recent data 
available as soon as possible so that it can also 
be available for the NRC's review of fluoride. 
Much of this data has now been compiled for years.


Paul Connett, PhD,
Executive Director,
Fluoride Action Network,
82 Judson Street,
Canton, NY 13617.
paul @

    Manhattan Project Covered Up Effects of Fluoride Toxicity

  • Source:

  • Title: 

  • Date: 

  • Authors:

  • SSU Censored Researcher, Faculty Evaluator:



Recently declassified government documents have shed new light on the decades-old debate over the fluoridation of drinking water, and have added to a growing body of scientific evidence concerning the health effects of fluoride.  Much of the original evidence about fluoride, which suggested it was safe for human consumption in low doses, was actually generated by "Manhattan Project" scientists in the 1940's. As it turns out, these officials were ordered by government powers to provide information that would be "useful in litigation" and that would obfuscate its improper handling and disposal.  The once top-secret documents, say the authors, reveal that vast quantities of fluoride, one of the most toxic substances known, were required for the production of weapons -grade plutonium and uranium.  As a result, fluoride soon became the leading health hazard to bomb program workers and surrounding communities.  (Note: During my term at Stanford Research Institute, Materials Research Division, I overheard two chemists talking about the whopping 80% fluoride catalyst that would be rendered a useless leftover from their experiment.  Fluorine Gas and active fluoride salts are notorious for creating industrial waste.)

Studies commissioned after chemical mishaps by the medical division of the "Manhattan Project" document highly controversial findings.  For instance, toxic accidents in the vicinity of fluoride producing facilities like the one near Lower Penns Neck, New Jersey, left crops poisoned or blighted, and humans and livestock sick.  Symptoms noted in the findings included extreme joint stiffness, uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea , severe headaches, and death.

a weak, controlled person is more useful than a dead person

These and other facts from the secret documents directly contradict the findings concurrently published in scientific journals which praised the positive effects of fluoride.

Regional environmental fluoride releases in the northeast United States also resulted in several legal suits against the government by farmers after the end of World War II according to Griffiths and Bryson.  Military and public health officials feared legal victories would snowball opening the door to further suits which might have kept the bomb program from continuing to use fluoride.  With the Cold War underway, the New Jersey lawsuits proved to be a road-block to America's already full-scale production of atomic weapons.  Officials were subsequently ordered to protect the interest of the government. 

 After the war, experimentation and the dissemination of misinformation continued.  Most notably, the authors state, bomb program scientists embarked on a campaign to calm the social panic about fluoride in the early 1950's, through lectures on fluoride toxicology and by promoting its usefulness in preventing tooth decay.  Bomb program scientists played a leading role in the design and implementation of a fluoride study conducted in Newburgh, New York, from 1945 to 1956 in which fluoride was secretly added to public drinking water.  In a classified follow-up operation, referred to as "Program F," blood and tissue samples were covertly collected from Newburgh citizens with the assistance of the State Health Department.  The government eagerly studied the effects of fluoride in Newburgh, as a community-level fluoride exposure experiment.

The formerly top-secret papers-including letters, memos, and health reports-raise important questions about the U.S. Government's possible conflict of interest regarding fluoride use and promotion.  If lower dose ranges were found hazardous by the Manhattan Project studies, these findings "might have opened the bomb program and its contractors up to lawsuits for injury to human health, as well as public outcry,"  say the authors.  The documents also state that "clinical evidence suggest that uranium hexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system effect...  It seems most likely that the "F" [code for fluoride] component rather than the "T" [code for the uranium] is the causative factor."

'If a man be bidden to look for anything by another whose will dominates, but perturbs his own and whom he fears to displease, his anxiety to find it will sometimes so confuse him that he will not see the object, though it may be under his very eyes.'

 It is feared that the Manhattan Project agenda directed researchers away from objectively evaluating the effects of fluoride well into the Cold War.  "Information was buried," concludes Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, the former head of toxicology at Forsyth Dental Center in Boston who was interviewed by Griffiths and Bryson. "There is so much fluoride exposure now, and we simply do not know what it is doing."


Update by Authors Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson:

 "It's an old story, fluoride.  The early U.S. industrial polluters and their victims knew it best.  It was just another day for them when the government announced fluoride would reduce children's cavities.  They would have been much better at enlightening the public about fluoride than the dentist of today, but they're gone now. 

"The fluoride story is a hangover from the Cold War, when the U.S. media would not abrogate 'national security.'  They publicized the official line about fluoride and that was that.  The critical role of fluoride in the production of the atomic bomb and in many of the new industrial processes (rocket propellants, fluorocarbons, plastics, etc.) that made America the world's leader after World War II was never mentioned.  The nationwide damage wreaked by industrial fluoride pollution, and the role and motives of the bomb program and U.S. industry in establishing fluoride's safety, was not mentioned either. 

"At least a dozen mainstream media outlets here and in the U.K. expressed strong interest in our story, but all later declined.  The facts were never in question.  The 155 pages of supporting documentation are available for the cost of mailing from Waste Not, Tel: (315)379-9200.  For further information, contact Dr. William Hirzy, Senior Vice-President, National Treasury Employees Union, EPA Headquarters chapter, Tel: (202)260-4683: or e-mail: hirzy.john @  Also Mike Ewall, Pennsylvania Environmental Network, Tel: (215)743-4884; or e-mail: pen @"

I HOPE this will be the one thing to finally make a difference and I know that FAN and the EWG in Washington are not going to let this fade, but in my heart of hearts I doubt it. Just look at the other bombshell items the planet-wrecking fluoride pushers have managed to deny and evade:

* Fluoride put in drinking water and food by Nazis to make concentration camp inmates docile and apathetic; fluoride experiments on inmates written up and documented; fluoride an integral part of Zyklon gas and nerve agents. It's all there in IBM-enumerated files, you don't even need Freedom of Info access and yet the fluoride pushers deny this happened.

* Nazi - IG Farben scientists brought to America and allowed to continue fluoride experiments here. Result was addition of fluoride to toothpaste. Yay! Peacetime benefit! Fluoride pushers deny this happened. * Fluoride gas from uranium processing killed and sickened more Manhattan Project workers than radiation ever did. Some of the files were accessed via FI. Documents revealed in various books and articles, most recently The Fluoride Deception by Chris Bryson. Fluoride pushers deny this happened.

* Dr. Harold Carpenter Hodge, the "father of fluoridation," injected hospital patients with plutonium and uranium salts without their knowledge or consent, killing most of them. Top secret Manhattan Project stuff. Some of his papers accessed via FI but others "lost" or "in transit". Yeah, right. Hodge suspected fluoride was neurotoxic and tried to secure funding for animal studies. Was turned down, so he set about using the American people as his test subjects. Fluoride pushers deny this. Hodge took his secrets to his grave.

* Fluoride salts used to treat hyperthyroid diseases right up to the nineteen fifties at about 2-4 mg. per day - less than we now get from drinking fluoridated water, juice, tea, and eating foods grown with fertilizer and pesticides. Thyroid diseases have grown exponentially but there is "no connection" or it is "not credible." Fluoride pushers deny that fluoride suppresses thyroid.

* The first fluoridated cities, Grand Rapids, Newburgh, Brantford, experienced large increases in heart disease, thyroid disease, goiter, diabetes, cancer cases and cancer mortality within five years. Fluoride pushers deny this. Claim there is "no credible science". However, the same data showing the increase in those diseases shows that fluoridation didn't reduce cavities, it merely delayed them because it makes teeth erupt later. Fluoride pushers say there was a 50% decrease in cavities but the data show that there were 50% fewer teeth to get cavities. When you compare them tooth for tooth, fluoridated children have just as many (or few) cavities as unfluoridated but a whole lot more dental fluorosis and skeletal defects. Fluoride pushers deny this. "Not credible".

* The first fluoridated cities had an increase in Down's Syndrome babies in younger women, and premature births. Fluoride pushers deny this. "Not credible."

* Fluoride causes gum inflammation and irritation. The more fluoride you ingest over a lifetime, the more teeth you are likely to lose due to periodontal disease. One bright scientist got the idea to mix aspirin type anti-inflammatory drug with fluoride mouthwash all in one, to mask the fluoride effects. He applied for a patent, and in the application it clearly states that fluoride causes the gum irritation and inflammation. Fluoride pushers deny that fluoride is pro-inflammatory. "Not credible."

* Fluoride is neurotoxic. Dr. Phyllis Mullenix was given a grant to study the neurotoxic effects of cancer therapy on rat brains and developed a sophisticated computerized method (still called the Mullenix Method) to measure neurobehavioral decline from toxins and radiation. She also looked at the rat brain tissue and confirmed the damage. Kids who get cancer treatment suffer the same damage and same intellectual impairment if they survive. Well, then she got a grant to study fluoride and found the same results - rat brains were damaged from low doses of fluoride in water, the same way that they were damaged from radiation, chemo and steroids. If mother rats were given fluoride in pregnancy, the babies were born hyperactive and disorganized with damaged brains. If the baby rats were given fluoride they became lethargic and stupid and couldn't do rat maze tests etc. and had damage to a different part of the brain that develops later. Fluoride pushers say Mullenix's science is "not credible" even though it was rigorously peer reviewed and published in an accredited journal. However, her "not credible" science is still in use, as the Mullenix Method is the gold standard to this day. Mullenix however was fired for exposing fluoride as a neurotoxin.

* Remember tuberculosis? Well, the same scientist who developed streptomycin that cured TB, used the same lab and same impeccable research methods to show that fluoridation was toxic. "Not credible." The Nobel prize was awarded for discovery of Streptomycin.

* Patients on kidney dialysis die from fluoride accumulation. Says so right on the death certificates. Their kidneys can't excrete fluoride. Fluoride pushers say there are no side effects from drinking fluoridated water.

* 1-2% of people are hypersensitive or allergic to fluoride. We're talking several million people. Despite fourteen years of dental research and peer reviewed published science, fluoride pushers say we don't exist.

See, cavities are a terrorist threat and therefore human rights can be trampled and ignored.

Well, I was born in 1952 in Grand Rapids, fluoridated without my consent from conception. I am a wholesale fluoridation failure: bad teeth, bad bones, bad thyroid and cancer. I am so poisoned that I will have to live the rest of my life avoiding fluoride from all sources. But I am "not credible" and apparently my health problems are proof that fluoridation is safe and effective.

And on it goes. So, do we really think that uncovering dirty dealings at Harvard regarding a link between osteosarcoma and fluoridation (which by the way was documented in the 1920s and 30s in the children of industrial workers poisoned by fluoride) is going to end fluoridation when uncovering all this other incriminating evidence for the past fifty years has had absolutely no effect, and the American Dental Association still insists that fluoridation is the best public health policy ever made?

Aliss Terpstra RNCP

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