Geoengineering: Are they Chemtrails or Contrails?

Geoengineering: Are they Chemtrails or Contrails?

"Contrails are Con Jobs..."

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Breaking News: Mar 31, 2018
NASA Lit Up the Sky with Tracers

NASA Confession: American Citizens Are Being Dosed With Lithium and Other Chemicals by Air

NASA Lit Up the Sky with Tracers

The tracers are found higher in the atmosphere than the chemtrails. Looking on the website of NASA there is an article that covers an instance dating back to 2013 that talks about two lithium vapor trails and it says that NASA would create more trails as they had two more missions in that year. There are articles on the internet that cover the tracers and the fact that NASA lit up the sky. Many people do not give that much attention to what is causing the sky to light up despite the fact that it is happening right before their eyes...



Video: Chemtrail Questions from Chemtrail Planet ,

Video: How can two jetcraft fly in the same sky while only one produces a "contrail?"

Documentary: What In The World Are They Spraying?

by G Edward Griffin and Michael Murphy

Debating The Geoengineering Reality, Dane Wigington and Cal Tech Scientist Douglas MacMartin

Debating The Geoengineering Reality, Dane Wigington and Cal Tech Scientist Douglas MacMartin
By Dane Wigington

In regard to critically important issues that have extreme ramifications, live on air debates of verifiable facts are absolutely essential. Global climate engineering programs pose an immense and immediate threat to the Earth’s life support systems (and thus the entire web of life). A live on-air public debate has now taken place on WBAI radio in New York in order to specifically address the ongoing global geoengineering reality. Cal Tech / Cornell / MIT scientist Douglas MacMartin says climate engineering is not occurring. Dane Wigington, lead researcher for (the world's largest and most visited geoengineering website) states available data makes overwhelmingly clear that global geoengineering programs have been deployed for decades with catastrophic results.

Who is telling the truth and backing it up with verifiable facts? View this fast moving 1 hour video (complete with imagery and documents related to the debate) and decide for yourself (link below).

We must publicly expose academicians who are helping to cover the tracks of the climate engineers. Once the public is fully awakened to the geoengineering atrocities, those that are accomplices to the cover-up should be held legally and morally accountable in a court of law. All of us are needed in the critical battle to expose and halt climate engineering, sharing credible data is key.

Click here for the full article and video >>

Video: Debating The Geoengineering Reality, Dane Wigington and Cal Tech Scientist Douglas MacMartin


Douglas MacMartin claims within the imbedded video on his own webpage: "You really shouldn't think of geoengineering as setting a global thermostat – we can play with more degrees of freedom than that..."

Click here for the full article, pics and booklet PDF

Dane Wigington

Articles on Geoengineering

PDF Download: How to Justify Geoengineering

The following link to a PhysOrg Article is from December 2016: Mitigating the risk of geoengineering: Aerosols could cool the planet without ozone damage. The title almost says it all. The geoengineers (namely, Raytheon for hire to the highest bidder) don't care any more who knows about geoengineering activities - because they feel omnipotent; they believe that noone can do anything about it and we are powerless to stop them.

They don't care that their activities have been damaging the ozone. Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have identified an aerosol for solar geoengineering that may be able to cool the planet while simultaneously repairing ozone damage exactly because the geoengineers are cooling whatever parts of the planet they're hired to cool - while damaging the ozone layer; this is why the researchers at SEAS are suggesting a new aerosol formula to them.

Do the geoengineers care enough to follow up on this new formula? Sure - if they're paid to do it.

Does our planet really need to be cooled at all - especially through wholesale imbalanced, weather modification activities? No. Ask any geophysicist. Our planet and the entire solar system has been going through cycles of heating and cooling for as long as it's existed, wherein, the ecosystem and humanity have always learned to adapt to climate change throughout the ages.

Now, with geoengineering technology and super rich/super greedy people of Psalms 73 at the helm, we are seeing a wholesale unnatural adaptation under the guise of "mitigating climate change."

Why cool the planet at all then? Why risk causing severe weather conditions leading to disastrous floods and landslides in one part of the world while another part suffers extreme drought? Because the geoengineers are paid to do it. That's why.

Geoengineers are the most glorified "hitmen" on the face of this planet; they rake in millions while their contractors rake in billions. Think about it. What are some of the first words out of politicians' mouths after a disaster? Here's one: Taxes.

Breaking news on chemtrails


Hellenic Nexus has in the past been extensively involved with the question of "chemtrails," publishing data connected with the behind-the-scenes aspects of their implementation and their serious effects on people's health.

Nevertheless, even though a wealth of relevant articles have come out in the period intervening since the first appearance of the subject, both in the publications of our milieu and in the mainstream media, which have made the subject familiar to wider strata of the public, a certain item of information that has come to us from a blood-testing laboratory prompts us to re-examine the subject, since it seems that a new dimension of the chemtrails issue is now opening / ringing the alarm bells for Greece, and with evidence too...

..Finally, Alzheimer's disease, hyperparathyroidism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, anaemia, renal or liver failure, porphyria, neuro-muscular disorders, hemolysis, Parkinson's disease, ulcers, pulp cavities in the teeth, etc., are all linked, directly or indirectly, to high levels of aluminium in the blood..

The skyrocketing rise in the incidence of these diseases in recent years in the Western world is apparently linked to ever higher levels of aluminium in people's blood. In the USA, for example, since the year 2000 Alzheimer's has been the eighth most common cause of death, affecting eighteen people per 100,000 when in 1979 the figure was two people per 100,000 (see the relevant diagram)...


There did not appear to be any connection between these various facts until a Canadian Internet activist, Brian Holmes, decided to look more closely into the subject when he noticed that non-commercial aircraft were leaving large quantities of exhaust gases over his fields.

Since this spraying had aroused his suspicions he decided to send a sample of the soil from his farm for analysis at a special chemical laboratory. The results were startling: his farm appeared to be saturated with aluminium and barium, at levels five times the normal readings...

But a new line of thought has made its appearance recently, in connection with chemtrails, representing a significant departure from the theories so far put forward: the barium salts, the aluminium oxide and the polymers in the atmosphere seem to create ideal conditions for transmission of electromagnetic waves, and in particular those of mobile telephones.

Thus, apart from the much-discussed applications along the lines of HAARP, yet another parameter emerges with a bearing on surveillance of citizens: Strengthening of mobile telephone signals could prove useful in tracking via satellite of every type of microchip that is transmitting special signals - evidently including all the chips that will, quite possibly, be implanted in the human body.

The Greek blood-testing laboratory referred to previously contacted a corresponding American laboratory, mentioning the problem of the high levels of aluminium in the blood of many Greeks. The Greek scientists were astounded to hear from their American colleagues that they should already know that these higher levels were a result of the aerial spraying being carried out to facilitate strengthening of mobile telephone signals, something that in America is considered acceptable and self-evident...

CloudSat set to bust clouds' cover (extract)

Please pay attention to the use of the word, "Aerosols"

... Aerosols are important as they can reflect light from the Sun, cooling the planet. They can also seed clouds. Current technology can tell where aerosols are over the Earth but not their altitude above the surface. Scientists want to know how aerosols and clouds interact, the level of aerosols produced by humans and nature, and how aerosols travel in the atmosphere.

The satellites will fly 15 seconds apart from one another and join three other US and French Earth-observing spacecraft in the same orbit. They will later be accompanied by a sixth satellite to monitor atmospheric carbon dioxide. The six will fly one after the other in a line, in a constellation dubbed the A-Train, with all of them focusing their observations on the same swath of the Earth at any one time.

Weather Wars by Scott Stevens

Chemtrail Sunscreen Taught In US Schools

(Unfortunately, this is real. The wicked despots are bypassing the parents and brainwashing the children in public schools into accepting chemtrails as "good and safe.")

by William  Thomas
  A is for  Apple.
  B is for Boy. 
  C is for Chemtrails.

At least this is what one American father found while paging through his child's science book. SmT was astonished to find seventh graders being taught about chemtrails. And geoengineeering their home planet.

Anyone with question about the "spray programs" he now says, "should perhaps just ask their kids."

The chemtrails section is found in the Centre Point Learning Science I Essential Interactions science book. Under "Solutions for Global Warming," section 5.19 features a photo of a big, multi-engine jet sporting a familiar orange/red paint scheme.

The caption reads: "Figure 1- Jet, engines running on richer fuel would add particles to the atmosphere to create a sunscreen."

The logo on the plane says: "Particle Air."

"I kid you not," SmT insists. "Why did I spend all of that time doing research when I could have just asked my kids?"

Helping habituate children to a life under lethal sunshine and "protective" spray planes, this trippy textbook urges young readers to "Use Sun Block." But its authors are referring to a sunscreen spread across the sky.

"Could we deliberately add particles to the atmosphere?"

asks the text, before helpfully suggesting that "Burning coal adds soot to the air."

You might be old enough to recoil at such a notion. But in a country where down is up and wrong is right, your kids could be learning that what used to be bad and a bummer is a now good thing!

CloudSat set to bust clouds' cover (extract)

Please pay attention to the use of the word, "Aerosols"

Aerosols are important as they can reflect light from the Sun, cooling the planet. They can also seed clouds. Current technology can tell where aerosols are over the Earth but not their altitude above the surface.

Scientists want to know how aerosols and clouds interact, the level of aerosols produced by humans and nature, and how aerosols travel in the atmosphere. The satellites will fly 15 seconds apart from one another and join three other US and French Earth-observing spacecraft in the same orbit.

They will later be accompanied by a sixth satellite to monitor atmospheric carbon dioxide. The six will fly one after the other in a line, in a constellation dubbed the A-Train, with all of them focusing their observations on the same swath of the Earth at any one time.

Special Report: 'Toxic Sky?"

POSTED: 1:56 pm PDT May 3, 2006
UPDATED: 6:43 am PDT May 24, 2006

It's a quiet mountain community, but some residents claim something's happening in the sky that's making them sick --

Mystery clouds and unusual contrails ... Is it a weather experiment on a massive scale?

In a Channel 4 News investigation, Paul Moyer looks into why some say the government is manipulating the weather.

Video: Watch Report

CHEMTRAILS -- Covert Climate Control?

Under the banner of some top-secret scientific agenda, the US military continues to weave chemical-laden contrails in the skies, causing health problems for unprotected people on the ground. Read about an encounter with "contrails" by a Maine couple, one of whom is a Naval Veteran...

Breaking news on geoengineering

Chemtrails: Delivery System For DoD's Toxic Cocktails
By Amy Worthington

To ignore chemtrails is to pretend that the DOD would never test its chemical and biological weapons on unsuspecting people. Most people living on earth want only life, liberty, peace and the pursuit of happiness.

In grisly contrast, America's military-industrial complex harbors an introverted and pathological fixation with war games and death technology. In its inexorable quest for absolute power -- that evolutionary state of decay warned about by President Eisenhower so many years ago -- the complex has unleashed a terrifying array of secretive and dangerous experiments.

These include weather modification, earthquake induction and numerous chemical-biological tests on unwitting subjects. Every aspect of our physical environment is now being manipulated for war games. Discolored skies are continuously polluted by jets spraying chemical aerosols. Bizarre and unpredictable weather is often military-made. Electromagnetic abnormalities -- including artificial lightning -- are generated by HAARP-like installations in sundry places.

People are becoming increasingly ill and immuno-compromised from such ecological tampering. In an expose on Henry Kissinger's momentous war crimes, author Christopher Hitchens writes in Harper's magazine that during the Vietnam War, a U.S. helicopter unit posted the slogan, "Death is our business and business is good."

This arrogant paradigm is perfect for the grotesque network of over 100 laboratories on campuses and industrial parks across the nation where military and contract personnel develop new technologies and strategies for killing human beings in the name of national security.

From the military's own abstract of a workshop on "Chemical Lethality Predictions" we learn that when planes spray deadly chemicals in the form of rain or mist, it is possible to calculate how much of those killer agents can be deposited on each person on the ground. The calculations are so precise that "...ten large VX drops that fall over a populated area have the chance to kill up to 9 out of 10 people."

What business has the military to be spraying "populated areas" with lethal toxins?

This is not defense at all. This is genocide. Many Americans have reported seeing or feeling chemical mists fall from the sky during chemtrail spray episodes. Chemtrail investigator Will Thomas reports that people hit by these mists usually become gravely ill within 48 hours. Thomas tells of hiker Joe Burton in Tennessee who, in 1998, was sprayed by a plane leaving a heavy toxic fog at tree-top level.

Burton contracted symptoms similar to Gulf War Illness. Strange chemicals had entered his lungs, attacking his liver, gallbladder and kidneys. He was also found to have a very rare flu-like virus that was tracked to Geneva, Switzerland, home of the World Health Organization.

Congressional hearings of 1975, 1977 and 1994 confirm in nauseating detail that our illustrious Department of Defense has used the American population as hapless guinea pigs since WWII. Rutgers professor Leonard Cole collected from US military records a horrifying list of biological and chemical agents furtively tested on American and Canadian civilian populations.

In 1999, Jonathan Moreno of Clinton's Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, also confirmed in his book Undue Risk decades of murderous military-intelligence experimentation on civilians without their knowledge or consent. In 1953, an odious series of 36 tests was conducted on citizens of Winnipeg in Canada.

Our government lied to the Winnipeg mayor, assuring him that the tests were nontoxic and defense-necessary. The actual purpose of these CIA-designed tests was to see how large a percentage of the population could be given chemical-induced cancer. Our spray planes and spray trucks saturated the people of Winnipeg with the carcinogen zinc cadmium sulfide, the same chemical sprayed on many American cities.

By calculating the number of people who subsequently came into medical clinics complaining of sore throats, bronchial problems and ringing ears, the test-masters determined that had the chemical not been watered down, they could have induced cancer in one-third of the Winnipeg population.

In 1994, Dr. Cole testified before a Senate committee that he feared the military might develop new and genetically engineered pathogens. He could not have known then that our government had been working on such heinous pathogens since the 1960s, when it initiated a special virus cancer program in order to create contagious cancers for biowarfare. By 1996, Dr. Leonard Horowitz confirmed in his book Emerging Viruses that both AIDS and the Marburg-Ebola complex were man-made monstrosities hatched out of America's biowarfare labs.

Still today the military continues with open air testing in populated areas across the United States, using dangerous live simulants to test biowarfare detection gadgets. These open-air tests involve the spraying of dangerous germs from backpack canisters and vehicles.

Because these germs can cause everything from meningitis to heart disease, the personnel who conduct the tests are always protected with gas masks and body suits. People in the communities being sprayed are given no protection at all.

Captain Joyce Riley stood before a group of government officials last year in Louisiana where the military was determined to conduct open air germ tests, against the vociferous will of the people. She boldly told them that the only acts of terrorism ever conducted on American soil have been perpetrated by our own government.

Never were truer words spoken! Our government's hypocritical warnings about domestic terrorism are ludicrous since a criminal element of the Clinton administration masterminded the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

Former Oklahoma Congressman Charles Key and his fact-finding committee have documented the federal government's prior knowledge of the bombing, its complicity in wiring columns inside the building with explosives and its heinous cover-up of the facts. The Oklahoma bombing, which killed 180 people including children in daycare, qualifies the federal government's itself as a premier terrorist organization.

Meantime, US officials deliberately exaggerate the threat of terrorism from Third World malcontents. Even the General Accounting Office admits foreign terrorists would not likely use bio-weapons because they would have to overcome "significant technical and operational challenges."

Yet, as the mainstream media reported two years ago, the terrorist racket is a huge growth industry for hungry corporations that interface with the Department of Defense and lust for $10 billion set aside for terrorism prevention.

In 1994, after Dr. Cole testified before the Senate, the Rockefeller Committee issued a report confirming 50 years of secret government testing on both civilians and military personnel.

Perversely -- while all of this lip service was going on -- the military was simultaneously conducting a series of hideous biological warfare tests on the people of Oakville, Washington. During the summer of 1994, US military aircraft began dropping a gel substance on the tiny town of Oakville near the Pacific coast.

Everybody in town came down with flu and pneumonia-like symptoms. Some people were hospitalized and remained ill for months. Pets and barnyard animals died. The police chief was patrolling the town one morning at 3 a.m. when a deluge of sticky stuff coated the windshield of his patrol car. He cleaned the goo with rubber gloves but just breathing it made him deathly ill.

By afternoon he had major trouble breathing. The gel material was tested by a number of government and private labs which found human blood cells and nasty bacteria, including a modified version of pseudonomas fluorescens, cited in over 160 military papers as an experimental biowarfare bacteria. Unsolved Mysteries aired the story on national television in May, 1997.

Several Oakville citizens reported bizarre encounters with FEMA officials and intelligence personnel from Fort Hood Texas -- home of the Black Hawk unit. These spooks made repeated visits to Oakville, probing people about their health and reportedly intimidating those who had been interviewed on television.

Also in 1997, rancher William Wallace was plowing his fields near Kettle Falls Washington when a US Navy Intruder swooped down and sprayed him with a fine mist. He became so deathly sick he could not lift his arm above his head for days. He lost his job because of his illness. His cat's face became paralyzed and actually began to dissolve until it died.

Wallace went to the CBS affiliate in Spokane with his story. Two days later, a turbo prop aircraft dived over his house spraying something that made him and his family ill again. Wallace told chemtrail investigator Will Thomas he felt this was a warning to "shut up."

The CBS affiliate in Spokane finally did a two-part news interview with Wallace in the spring of 1999. Again in 1997, in Southern Idaho near the town of Caldwell, seven healthy people died in their sleep when their lungs collapsed. All were in perfect health.

An article in the Arizona Republic noted that people had suspicions that officials might be covering something up. Two years later an eyewitness report was filed about a dark fibrous material falling on Caldwell homes, cars and lawns shortly before the mysterious deaths occurred. Residents said the material looked like feces.

Medical journalist Ermina Cassani has investigated nationwide reports of such biological waste being dropped on neighborhoods from low-flying planes. Cassani investigated over 30 different yuk drops during the years 1998 and 1999.

In 1998, she obtained a sample that looked like dried blood from a Michigan house. Examining this material, a University of Michigan lab found pseudonomas fluorescens, the same bug used on Oakville. It can cause horrible human infections including fatal shock, and because of its glowing properties, it allows the military to track its path.

There were also other ugly pathogens, including staph and several fungi which can cause lung disease. Consider the high fungi content of this sample in the context of the mysterious fungus that infected Kentucky horses last spring.

Could not furtive aerial drops provide a convenient mode of economic sabotage?

Cassani also reported 29 biological "drops" in the state of Utah. HAZMAT teams in biochemical hazard gear cleaned up the feces with chlorine. Utah is home to the infamous Dugway Proving Grounds, a chemical-biological test center where hundreds of former workers have contracted Gulf-War like symptoms, according to a 1997 testimony before a government committee.

During numerous chemtrail spray episodes, the small town of Sallisaw in Eastern Oklahoma area was saturated with a web-like material in which lab techs discovered an unusually large enterobacteria. The critter was a mutant of E. coli, salmonella and anthrax; undoubtedly one of the military's designer bugs.

Sallisaw resident Patrick Edgar has reported on the internet that the entire town was made extremely ill by the spraying and that the town now has epidemic rates of both lupus and cancer.

Biological weapons encapsulated in protective coatings like synthetic webbing would explain why so many people who see web-like filaments drifting down from the skies report illness after touching the webs. When the webbing is closely examined, it is proven to be man-made filaments of the type developed by both industrial and military entities.

Last year, South Africans reported web-like filaments falling from aircraft that formed a blanket-like appearance across vegetation, telephone poles and fences. When the cattle ate it they developed large bumps on their hides, became listless and went blind. Informed people everywhere are now wary of "web looking" materials.

This year, using both electrostatic precipitation devices and HEPA air filters to collect outdoor atmospheric samples, chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom and his associates have documented desiccated blood cells floating in the atmosphere in both New Mexico and Colorado.

With so many atmospheric samples containing biological components, Carnicom has concluded that "crimes of the highest order are being perpetrated against citizens without their knowledge or consent." Who besides the Department of Defense would have the money and inclination to keep our atmosphere besmirched with such biological materials?

There is much accumulated evidence that gels, webs, fecal matter, powders and blood cells may be used to harbor viruses, mycoplasma and/or other bio-engineered toxins until they can reach their intended hosts. No big surprise. Anything is possible from a military-industrial complex which has ruthlessly unleashed ebola and AIDS upon the world.

For more information on the biological aspects of the ongoing chemtrail project see

The Paranormal Conspiracy

Chemtrails are not the same as contrails, those white smoky streaks coming from jet exhausts at high altitude. But there are jets that indeed leave or spray chemtrails in the atmosphere. The difference is that chemtrails spread themselves out and look foggy after a while. Jet trails or contrails stay narrow and defined.

Those chemtrails usually contain both minerals (metallic and non-metallic) and organic components, obviously with the purpose to spread substances to be absorbed by the population through breathing. It has also been found that some chemtrails contain red blood cells, aluminum, mycoplasma, viruses and other unknown biological components. There are many reports of increased diseases, especially respiratory ailments, in areas where there are chemtrails.

Chemtrails are often seen to be sprayed by white planes with no apparent markings. much like UN planes or scientific research planes. Sometimes you will see these planes give off no contrail at all, and immediately after the same kind of plane in the same area will start to leave a thick chemtrail. At other times, distinct short gaps in chemtrails have been photographed, as though the plane ran out of chemicals and then had to start spraying with a new supply.

Its goal is not made public, but it is not hard to imagine that it has to do with genetic manipulation. To modify or manipulate DNA at large scale, the way to do so is through RNA. RNA, however, can only reach the DNA through a virus. As chemtrails also consist of viruses, the conclusion is made simple . . .

Is it a vague attempt at a chemtrail sunscreen to replace a weakening ozone layer? Why don't "they" just tell us what they're doing? Why is it better that a few thousand people get sick or die rather than a whole planet, so we can keep the present technology which is killing the ozone layer?


Contrails are creating clouds, Contrails are affecting your health - Please view these photographs and decide for yourself...

Chemtrails Over America

A Special Report Everything in this report is the product of research for which valid references are, in fact, available. Those who are reading this report should definitely...

Chemtrails Over Wisconsin

Yes, the chemtrail operation still goes on in our skies, even after the terrible attack in DC and New York. I have come to the conclusion that my efforts to bring this government program to the general publics attention...


All about Canadian Chemtrails in Powell River B.C.

Contrails, Chemtrails

Look up and See the Pollution Raining Down on You! Chemtrail Watch. Preparing for Tomorrow's Terrorism. CHEMTRAIL CRIMES & COVER UP DOCUMENTED...


Scientific Studies Regarding Aircraft Contrails and Cloud Formation by Michael Theroux 2-15-99 Updates and Links below Link UPDATE: One Year Later - "Those Mysterious Lines in the Sky" - are Still Flying by Jay Reynolds...


Contrails form when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature. The mixing is a result of turbulence generated by the engine exhaust. Cloud formation by a mixing process is similar to the cloud you see when you exhale and "see your breath"...

Chemtrails - Theory or Plot?

Personal Perspectives of Aerosol Spraying

NW to SE Chemtrail, March 15, 2004

Closest most notorious Chemtrail to date on March 15, 2004, 10:00 a.m. craft on North-West to South-East trajectory over Peninsula Bay Area, CA. "Condensation" trail arguement does not apply here since trail stops in the SE sky according to my position and lasted at least an hour. There were more "contrails" spread a little further south, especially over the shopping malls like Walmart. This particular one over the Costco Shopping mall area was the closest I had ever seen the trail, but I was too late to catch the jet that left it.

Chemtrails or "contrails" as they are called are the long trails of "smoke" left behind by those mysterious jetcraft way up in the sky that can take hours to dissipate. They are the subject of much controversy and have raised questions and concerns by people across North America and beyond - mainly because no American Citizen really knows who is flying that craft, what exactly is in that long plume of "smoke," and exactly what the purpose is.

Protagonists defending the phenomenon have different claims to explain away any harmful effects such as: "Contrails form when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature. The mixing is a result of turbulence generated by the engine exhaust. Cloud formation by a mixing process is similar to the cloud you see when you exhale and "see your breath"...

The problem with this explanation is that enough of us have seen passing jets and airshows to know that the pilot of a 'blue angel' or a 'biplane' can deploy a chemtrail when they want to do 'sky writing' or outline those amazing stunts. Otherwise, they don't leave "contrails." The technology to leave condensation trails in the sky is old, outdated, and hasn't been used in decades. (Please see any article at Geoengineering Watch for the link to understanding modern day jet engines.)

Another explanation has a little more scientific approach: "Persistence of contrails is neither an indication that they contain some kind of chemical, nor that it is some kind of spray. As a matter of fact, sailors have known for years to look specifically at the patterns and persistence of jet contrails for weather forecasting. If a jet is flying through air at altitude with a low humidity, the moist air from the jet engine might produce a slight, short-lived contrail. These short-lived contrails are a sign that the weather will be fair. A thick, long-lasting contrail indicates humid air high in the atmosphere, and can be an early sign of a storm..."

Unfortunately, there are several problems with this explanation. I'm in California about 50 miles from the coast. The pictures you see at this page are taken from my home in the Peninsula. The aircrafts made several passes around the peninsula at least every other day between the dates these pictures were taken. Why do "sailors" want to know about the weather above my head - or Wisconsin for that matter?

NW to SE Chemtrails, June 05, 2004Broken chemtrail is apparent in these northwest to southeast trails, northern sky, 6:30 p.m., June 05, 2004

I spotted these trails around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 5th, 2004. This perspective is from a Costco parking lot facing the northern Peninsula, so they are somewhere over San Francisco bay or further. I was too late to catch the jets that left these trails, but they were probably there for a while since they only shifted north without dispersing by the time I left around 8 p.m. There is no condensation trail physics that explains the gap in one of those trails...

Why is it that two jets flying in exactly the same weather do not both produce "contrails?" If these "contrails" are simply weather indicators, why doesn't the weather bureau just tell us about them? Is two hours "short-lived?" That's how long these trails lasted. There's no sign of a storm. Why do we see these "weather-predicting" contrails being spread, consistently, for a few weeks or months, and then they stop? Why does a contrail persist from one of those mysterious aircraft, then stop just outside the bounderies of the city? Did the weather change all of a sudden? When I was taking these pictures I didn't notice any change in the weather, but I know what I saw.

Photos of Geoengineering Chemtrails, San Francisco Bay Area's Peninsula

NW to SE Chemtrails, November 17, 2007Smoking Gun: Puff or blowout at beginning or end (?) of chemtrail pattern, western sky, 8:17 a.m., November 17, 2007

NW to SE Chemtrails, August 14, 2014Straight and Circular, broken chemtrail patterns, western sky, 12:53 p.m., August 14, 2014

NW to SE + W to E Chemtrails, August 15, 2015Criss Cross Chemtrail Patterns, northern sky, 12:34 p.m., August 15, 2015

W to E Chemtrails, August 18, 2015Sputtered chemtrail plumes directly above the Peninsula, 11:24 a.m., August 18, 2015

NW to SE Chemtrail, August 18, 2015Chemtrail plumes fill the sky above the Peninsula, 6:04 p.m., August 18, 2015

W to E, September 6, 2015One thin and one thick chemtrail, northern sky, 10:23 a.m., September 6, 2015

NW to SE + W to E Chemtrails, November 3, 2016Multiple criss cross chemtrail patterns, some in the northern sky, one large cerrated plume directly above the Peninsula, 12:58 p.m. November 3, 2016

NW to SE Chemtrail, November 3, 2016Same photo as above, slightly zoomed in on large cerrated plume, 12:58 p.m. November 3, 2016

NW to SE Chemtrail, November 3, 2016Camera is turned 30 degrees towards northwest of the same chemtrail patterns, 12:58 p.m. November 3, 2016

NW to SE Chemtrails, April 28, 2017Multiple chemtrail patterns from jets flying northwest to southeast; pic taken from my backyard, 9:14 a.m. April 28, 2017

NW to SE Chemtrails, April 28, 2017Multiple chemtrail patterns from jets flying northwest to southeast; pic taken from my front driveway, 9:16 a.m. April 28, 2017

Why are there so many websites from people all over North America complaining about nausea and sickness when these mysterious craft are leaving their contrails? What's more - What exactly are those mysterious crystals being dispersed from these contrails? At this point in time, at this juncture of technology in the space age wherein we always make leaps and bounds, let us at least admit that these are NOT condensation trails.

I can still remember a time when I was going to school when I tried to "explain away" certain phenomena like this. My professors showed me how to explain away things just like the "explanations" above. Can you imagine teaching young, impressionable minds how to refute information instead of trying to understand it? Fortunately, they didn't teach me very well.

Guess what? Now, you're at Poison Spirit World: The wars and lies against the people of the wicked despots described in Psalms 73. I know for a fact that we could have atmospheric control towards fertile lands where there was once desert. We could have over unity energy systems improving the world instead of pollution and despoiling of natural resources. We could have energy medicine with no side effects instead of drugs and surgery that rob the people and the government blind. We could have a spiritually and technologically advanced world where there is NO poverty instead of a society that has fallen prey to usury and deceit.

Instead, we have industrial waste being fed into the lives of every human being - and war - and terrorism - and economic depravities,.. and chemtrails from "unknown" aircraft with an unknown purpose. I dare anyone to ask the FAA about these aircraft and their "persistent contrails" to get a straight answer.

I hardly spend time at 666 Poison because my heart turns blacker than pitch when I'm here too long. The poison of the malicious progressives is meant to weaken and control the people. Therefore, with the preponderance of websites already handling the subject, I have provided a few links that you can examine for yourself and decide if you want "persistent contrails" in your life... I bid you peace.

US Patents

March 1, 1927 Patent #1619183 Process of Producing Smoke Clouds from Moving Aircraft

June 30, 1936 Patent# 2045865for Skywriting Apparatus

April 8, 1952 Patent# 2591988 Process for producing improved tio2 titanium pigments



other patents
February 1924 Patent# R15771 by Savage
March 1966 Patent# 1022621 in United Kingdom

Educational Resources:

Can Chemtrails be proven?

Methods Used

Atmospheric Science Program

HAARP online data

Wikipedia Geo-engineering proposed methods

UCAR Magazine Article

Media Articles

Belford Group Holds International Symposium in Ghent, Belgium on Global Aerosol Spraying

Congressional Research Service- on geoengineering

NASA Rockets to Create Clouds

Geo-engineering Conference

Now Public Weather Modification

Science Daily Artical announcing aerosol particulate matter studies and testing

RUETERS: U.N. urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects (AKA Chemtrails)

Washington Post

Germany and Moratorium

Canada Moratorium

Test Results

Newscast's Chemtrail Investigation Reveals Dangerous Aerosol Compounds

Evidence: Chemtrails include hazardous barium compounds

Phoenix Air Quality Results

Michael Murphy Confronts Shasta County Officials With Test results

KSLA News Broadcast

Lab Tests and Health Effects

Human Health Effects

World News

California Skywatch

Environmental Impacts

Methodic Demise of Natural Earthan Environmental Impact Overview

Weather Modification Proof in the Media

Thai Rainmaking

China Makes Artificial Rain

REUTERS, China Makes Artificial Snow

Scientists Create 52 storms in Abu Dhabi Dessert

Upcoming Geoengineering Events

Other Sources

Cloud Seeding Programs

Disaster Safety / Emergency Preparedness / Evacuation Resources:

Emergency Readiness for People with Disabilities

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

Preparing Makes Sense for People with Disabilities and Special Needs

Driving to Safety: The Car Owner's Guide to Emergency Evacuation

Senior Emergency Preparedness

Family Safety for Home Disasters

Disaster Plans Should Include Those with Mental Illness

Hurricanes for Kids - Safety Resources, Facts & Projects

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