The Pineal Gland and fluoride: The Biggest Cover Up in Human History

Toxic ash threatens Iceland animals

'Contaminated earth'

On Sunday, farmers banded together to drive around searching for hundreds of shaggy Icelandic horses, who panicked and got lost in a downpour of ash that turned day into night.

"The risk is of fluoride poisoning if they breathe or eat too much," Berglind Hilmarsdottir, a dairy farmer from Nupur, told the AP news agency through a protective white dust mask.

The fluoride in the ash creates acid in the animals' stomachs, corroding the intestines and causing haemorrhages.

It also binds with calcium in the blood stream and after heavy exposure over a period of days makes bones frail, even causing teeth to crumble.

"The best we can do is put them in the barn, block all the windows, and bring them clean food and water as long as the earth is contaminated," Ms Hilmarsdottir said...

What do those stupid dairy farmers know anyway, right? Go ahead and keep drinking your fluoride water, dumbass - It's good for what ails you!

The Fluoride Mongers of America
One of the Biggest Health Frauds EVER Perpetrated on the American People....

End Fluoridation, Say (600) Physicians, Dentists, Scientists And Environmentalists

Article Date: 10 Aug 2007 - 1:00 PDT
In a statement released recently, over 600 professionals are urging Congress to stop water fluoridation until Congressional hearings are conducted. They cite new scientific evidence that fluoridation, long promoted to fight tooth decay, is ineffective and has serious health risks. (
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Sodium Fluoride

You Have the Right to Know
Under Section 5194, Title 8, California Adm Code:
The Properties and Potential Hazards of Materials to which You may be Exposed.

Symptoms of Fluoride Poisoning in the Western World
Water is Water?!  Don't be Stupid!

  The United States Pharmacopoeia lists some of the side-effects that can result from the daily ingestion of the amount of fluoride found in 1 to 2 pints of artificially fluoridated water:

Black tarry [tar-like] stools
Bloody Vomit
Nausea and Vomiting
Shallow Breathing
Stomach Cramps or Pain
Unusual Excitement 
Unusual Increase in Saliva
Watery Eyes
Loss of Appetite
Pain and Aching of Bones
Skin Rash
Sores in the Mouth and on the Lips
Weight Loss
White, Brown, or Black Discoloration of Teeth

According to the U.S. Pharmacopoeia: "Although not all of these side effects appear very often, when they do occur they may require medical attention."

    The 1991 Physicians' Desk Reference cautions : "Dental Fluorosis [mottling] may result from exceeding the recommended dose.  In hypersensitive individuals, fluorides occasionally cause skin eruptions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema or urticaria, gastric distress, headache, and weaknesshave also been reported.  These hypersensitive reactions usually disappear promptly after discontinuation of the fluoride.  In rare cases, a delay in the eruption of teeth has been reported."

    As a matter of fact, many American Physicians have observed these fluoride-induced diseases in their every day practices even among people consuming normal quantities.

     Dr. William P. Murphy, who won the Nobel Prize for his research which led to the cure of pernicious anemia, is among those who have observed the adverse effects of fluoride.

     He recounts a patient of his who "while living in a community in which the water was fluoridated had rather continuous swelling of the lower legs and face, aggravated by certain foods or medications to which she was allergic.  After moving from this community to a non-fluoridated one this swelling largely disappeared and only appears now after exposure to fairly large amounts of allergens.  After moving she started using a fluoride toothpaste at which time she developed a rash on her cheeks and mouth with swelling of the face . After stopping use of this toothpaste the condition cleared up completely."

    The following is an account of a 62 year old patient examined by Dr. C.D. Marsh of Memphis, TN:  The woman lived in memphis which was not fluoridated at that time.  Whenever she traveled to Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA, both fluoridated cities, she invariably developed excruciating abdominal pain, headache, backache, and profuse nasal discharge, followed by diarrhea and lethargy.  These symptoms disappeared promptly within a few days after her return home.  She avoided these problems on future trips to the two cities by taking several bottles of Memphis water with her and avoiding fluid foods.  Then twice she came down with the illness to her surprise, while at home.  Dr. Marsh traced these reoccurrences to a fluorine-containing tranquilizer (trifluoperazine) prescribed by him and, on the other occasion, to a fluoridated toothpaste.  A double-blind test carried out by Dr. Marsh confirmed fluoride as the cause of the illness.

     Dr. John J. Shea of Dayton, OH relates one of his experiences: "Mr. E.H., age 48, consulted me because of giant urticaria [itchy red skin eruptions] of one month's duration.  The lesions involved mainly hands and feet and at times the entire body surface.  At the first visit the lips and gums showed a marked edema [swelling].  The lesions usually occurred about one hour after breakfast. The patient had been using a fluoride toothpaste at that time.

    "He was asked to discontinue the fluoride toothpaste and not to take any medication.  Three days later, he reported having had only a single hive and slight residual pruritus [itching].  Six days later, he was completely free of symptoms.  Three years later, this patient experienced another episode of generalized urticaria.  In the morning he had inadvertently brushed his teeth with a toothpaste used by his family without realizing that it was a fluoride brandThe hives appeared within one hour of its use."

    Dr. S.M. Gillespie relates the following:  "A seven month old female child had been taking Tri-Vi-Flor [vitamin drops with fluoride] daily for five weeks.  About that time she developed an exudative, pruritic dermatitis [itchy red skin eruptions]on the neck, face, and in the antecubital and retropopliteal areas [arms and legs] accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and bloody stool .  The parents noted that the cramps occurred exclusively, shortly after the afternoon feedings when the baby received fluoride drops.  The drug, therefore, was discontinued.  The skin immediately began to clear up.  Within one week the eruption had healed on its own; no medication had been prescribed.  The child has been in good health ever since."

    Dr. G.W. Grimbergen and a group of dutch physicians studied 60 patients suffering from diseases induced by fluoride in thedrinking water.  50%suffered gastrointestinal disorders , 25%suffered from inflammatory diseases involving the mouth, 8% experienced excessive thirst, 5%experience joint pains and/or migraine headaches and/or visual disturbances, and 3% experiencea ringing sensation in the ears and or mental depression.

    Dr. Jonathan Forman, an allergist from Columbus, OH relates:  "In our own practice, we have run down cases of hives, behavior problems, and several patients which others had labeled neuroticsto be due to fluoride intoxication." He pointed out that when these people were put on distilled water and when fluorine containing foods were removed from their diet, they recovered. When fluorine was reintroduced into their diets their symptoms returned.

    Drs. Luis Juncos and James Donadio of the Mayo Clinic described a 17 year old girl and an 18 year old boy who had skeletal anddental fluorosis accompanied by markedlyreduced kidney function.  The youths' primary source of drinking water contained 1.7 and 2.6 parts per million fluoride, respectively.  In regard to these two cases, Drs. Juncos and Donadio concluded that either fluoride was damaging the kidney or that fluoride was not being removed from the body because of an already damaged kidney.  The possibility that fluoride damaged the kidneys in these cases is supported by evidence from the Yerkes Primate Research Center in Atlanta and Cornell University which show that 1 to 5 parts per million (ppm) fluoride causes interference with enzymes in the kidney and kidney damagein laboratory animals.

 Dr. George Waldbott of Warren, MI observed fluoride induced disease in over 400 cases of fluoride exposure.  One of his most severe cases was a 35 year old woman from Highland Park, MI, which was fluoridated at that time.  Dr. Waldbott recorded her symptoms as follows: "She was constantly nauseated, vomited frequently, had sharp epigastric [abdominal] pain and diarrhea, and complained of pain in the lower back.

     She reported progressive weight loss, had repeated  hematuria [bloody urine], uterine hemorrhages, and constant pain throughout her head.  Her eyesight had gradually deteriorated;  she had noticed scotomas [blind spots] in both eyes and lesions on the arms and legs.  Weakness in the hands and arms prevented grasping certain objects.  Furthermore, due to loss of control of legs and lack of coordination of her thoughts she eventually became incoherent, drowsy, and forgetful."

    Her health deteriorated further forcing her to a bedridden state.  She was hospitalized for diagnostic tests.  Nine specialists were unable to determine the cause of her disease.

     "After the tests were completed,she began drinking unfluoridated waterWithin two days the gastrointestinal symptoms and headaches subsided without medication, and she was soon well enough to be discharged.

    At home she strictly avoided fluoridated water for drinking as well as for cooking her food and avoided food with a high fluoride content.  The headaches, eye disturbances, and muscular weaknesses diapered in a most dramatic manner.  After about two weeks her mind began to clear and she had a complete change in personality.  In subsequent tests, each time she was given fluoride, her symptoms returned."

Dr. Waldbott has also observed fluoride-induced diseases among people living near fluoride-emitting factories (e.g. aluminum, phosphate, steel, and frit manufacturers [frit is the glassy substance used to coat the inside of ovens]) as well as in workers employed in these industries.  The major complaints he found in the 133 cases which he examined were arthritis, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal disorders, and headaches along with other neurological complications.

    In 1977, Dr. Bertram Carnow, Professor and Director of Occupational and Environmental Medicine of the University of Illinois School of Public Health and Director of the Division of Occupational Medicine of the Cook County Hospital, and Dr.Shirley Conibear, Director of the Health Hazards Unit of the Cook County Hospital studied the health status of 1242 aluminum workers exposed to air born fluorides.  They reported:

    "A highly significant relationship was found between increasing levels of exposure to fluorides and other pulmonary irritants and obstructive pulmonary changes."

    They pointed out that measurements showing these obstructive changes suggested a "decreased elasticity of the lungs".  They cited the finding of other investigators:  fluoride induced pulmonary fibrosis, that is, increased levels of collagen in the lung.

    Drs. Carnow and Conibear also found that increasing levels of exposure to fluoride were related to arthritisand backpainsand reported their results as follows:


Worker Exposure

Workers with Musculoskeletal Problems (Mostly Arthritis and Back Pains)





Medium High




In their recommendations they state:

    "Given this study's findings of pulmonary and musculoskeletal disease, even among those only moderately exposed, it would seem that a major effort should be made immediately to reduce the levels of irritant gases (hydrogen fluoride) and particulate ( fluoride salts)."

    In a survey of 370 aluminum potroom workers in Western Norway, increased prevalence of respiratory symptoms, work-related asthmatic symptoms, and abnormal lung function were found in subjects exposed to higher fluoride levels in the air when compared with workers exposed to lower levels of fluoride.  In Russia, 378 workers in an aluminum plant were found with calcified ligaments and abnormal bony outgrowths as a result of fluoride exposure85% of these workers experienced bone and joint pains.

    The health hazards of airborne fluorides from industry have been known for a long time and have been reported by many investigators.  The main symptoms reported are rheumatic pains, respiratory disorders, nausea, and loss of appetite.  Those reporting fluoride-induced disease among people living near fluoride polluting industries include Dr. M. Klotz from West Germany and Drs. M.M. Murray and D.C. Wilson from England.  Still more have found fluoride-induced diseases among factory workers exposed to high levels of fluoride.  these include Dr. Kaj Roholm from Denmark, Dr. E. Speder from France, Dr. H.H. Schlegal from Switzerland, and Dr. J. Franke from East Germany.

    Mass poisonings from fluoride emissions from aluminum, phosphate, and other industries have been reported in Maryland, Florida, Quebec, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, as well as in other places.  In an air pollution disaster in Donora, PA, 20 people lost their lives with lethal levels of fluoride in their blood .  In another incident in the Belgian Meuse Valley, 60 people lost their livesIn Spencer county, Indiana, population 18,000, 79 peopleliving around a fluoride polluting plantdied between January 1 and May 31, 1978, manyof them from a disease called 'sudden death syndrome'.  The coroner is convinced that fluoride emissions from the local aluminum plant were to blame.  (It is difficult to determine throughout history - which shark has claimed more lives.)

    Excessive discharges of fluoride into the air are not the only means by which people can be exposed to lethal doses of fluoride.

Acute Fluoride Poisoning

    Make no mistake about it: fluoride is poison .  According to the 1984 issue of Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products (Williams & Wilkins), it is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic.  It has been used as a pesticidefor the control of mice, rats, and other small pests.  In 1991, the Akron (OH) Regional Poison Center reported that "Death has been reported following ingestion of 16 milligrams per kilogram of fluoride."  In other words, one-hundreth (1/100) of an ounce of fluoride could kill a 10 pound child and one-tenth(1/10) of an ounce could kill a 100 pound adult.

     The Akron Regional Poison Center continues:  "Fluoride tooth paste contains up to 1 milligram per gram of fluoride."  This means that a family-sized tube of toothpaste contains 199 milligrams of fluoride, more than enough to kill a 25 pound child . Even Proctor and Gamble, the makers of Crest, acknowledges that a family-sized (7 ounce) tube of fluoride toothpaste "theoretically, at least, contains enough fluoride to kill a small child."  (But they don't tell people to swallow it! An example from the back of a warning label from a tube of Pepsodent actually reads:  'WARNING: AS WITH ALL FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTES, KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OF AGE. IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY SWALLOW MORE THAN USED FOR BRUSHING, SEEK PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE OR CONTACT A POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY.'  Even toothpaste manufacturers know better!)

    While most children will not consume an entire tube of toothpaste, consumption of smaller amounts of toothpaste certainly presents a health hazard.

    The toothbrushing habits of 12 to 24 month old children were examined and it was found that20% of the children ingested more than 0.25 mg of fluoride per day by toothbrushing aloneIt has been found that a 4 to 6 year old child will consume 25% to 33% of the toothpaste on their brush. Swedish scientists, concerned about this added intake, issued the following warning:  If pre-school children living in a naturally fluoridated area (artificial fluoridation has been banned in Sweden) brush their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste, they should only be allowed to brush their teeth once a day, and then only with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste under the supervision of an adult.

87 cases of fluoride poisonings in children younger than 12 years old were reported to the Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center in 1986. 85 cases involved accidental ingestion of fluoride products in the home. Two involved fluoride treatment by a dentist. One 13 month old child died.  25 suffered gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain).  In a more recent study, it was reported that sodium fluoride, the same type used in Crest Toothpaste, was the most frequent single cause of acute poisoning in Children.

The Annapolis Spill


    On November 11, 1979, up to 50 parts per million fluoride was dumped into the Annapolis, Maryland public water systemThis resulted in the poisoning of 50,000 people .  At the request of the local newspaper, the Annapolis Evening Capital , Dr. John Yiamouyannis went to Annapolis to investigate the damage that had been done.  He conducted an epidemiological study and found that approximately 10,000 people exhibited acute symptoms of fluoride poisoning.  His findings were subsequently confirmed by the Maryland State Department of  Health.  While the Maryland Department of Health refused to disclose the number of citizens who died of heart failure due to the spill, Dr. Yiamouyiannis found that more than 5 times the normal number of people died of heart failure during the week following the spill .

    Dr. Yiamouyiannis enlisted the aid of Dr. Waldbott who conducted a clinical survey of people in the Annapolis area.  Dr. Waldbott interviewed 112 persons who believed they had suffered adverse reactions from the spill.  He recorded the presence or absence of known symptoms of fluoride poisoning.  Of the 112 interviewed, 103were diagnosed as suffering from fluoride poisoning ; of the 103, 62%complained of musculoskeletal symptoms , 65%neurological symptoms, 81% gastrointestinal symptoms, 59%urological symptoms, and 13% dermatological symptoms.  These results confirmed already reported information about fluoride intoxication from drinking water.  ( The Annapolis spill is not an isolated case.)

   Even fluoridated bottled water can be fatal .  On march 30, 1989, the California Department of Health Services reported that Niagra brand bottled water was found to contain 450 parts per million fluoride.  State health director, Kenneth Kizer, warned that "Consumption of these high levels of fluoride in water could produce stomachache, nausea, vomiting, serious illness, or even death."

Lethal Overdoses in the Dental Chair


On January 20, 1979, the New York Times ran the following story:

$750,000 Given in Child's Death in Fluoride Case--Boy, 3, was in City Clinic for Routine Cleaning

"A State Supreme Court awarded $750,000 to the parents of a 3 year old Brooklyn boy who, on his first trip to the dentist in 1974, was given a lethal dose of fluoride at a city dental clinic and then ignored for nearly five hours in the waiting rooms of a pediatric clinic and Brookdale Hospital while his mother pleaded for help, and he lapsed into a coma and died.

     "Mrs. Kennerly testified that she took William, born on February 7, 1971, for his first dental checkup on may 24, 1974 to the Brownsville Dental Health Center, a city clinic at 259 Bristol Street.

    "There, he was examined by Dr. George, who found no dental caries and turned the boy over to Miss Cohen, a dental hygienist, for routine teeth-cleaning.  After cleaning William's teeth, witnesses explained, Miss Cohen, using a swab, spread a stannous fluoride gel over the boy's teeth as a decay-preventative.

    "According to Mrs. Kennerly, Miss Cohen was engrossed in conversation while working on William and, after handing him a cup of water, failed to instruct him to wash his mouth out and spit out the solution.  Mrs. Kennerly said William drank the water.

    "According to a Nassau County toxicologist, Dr. Jesse Bidanset, William ingested 45 cubic centimeters of 2% stannous fluoride solution, triple an amount sufficient to have been fatal.

    "William began vomiting, sweatingand complaining of headache and dizziness .  His mother appealing to the dentist, was told the child had been given only 'a routine treatment'.  But she was not satisfied, and was sent to the Brookdale Ambulatory pediatric Care Unit in the same building.

    "Mrs. Kennerly testified that she had waited there two and a half hours, appealing for help, as her son became progressively more sick, lapsing into what she thought was sleep, but actually was a coma.

    "Finally taken into an examination room, the boy was seen by Dr. Bathia, who summoned a supervisor.  They injected adrenaline into the boy's heart to revive him.  an ambulance took him to Brookdale Hospital, a five minute drive away.

     There, William and his mother waited more than an hour.  By then,  he had lapsed back in to a coma, and as doctors attempted to pump his stomach, he went into cardiac arrest, and died at 2:10 p.m."


       Terry Leder, a dental hygienist from Glen Cove, Long Island witnessed a similar tragedy in 1969.  At the time she worked in a New York City dental clinic:

     "One of my bosses was working on a patient and applied topical fluoride," Ms. Leder recalled in a recorded interview in 1979.  "The child went into convulsions and died in the chair.  We were all shocked.  It happened so fast that nobody could do anything for him.  It was just a few minutes after the fluoride was applied."

    The (dental) clinic, claiming the child died of a heart attackeven though he had no history of heart problems, denied any responsibility for the death.  Ms. Leder pointed out that the parents "never got the true answer".

    She now refuses to apply fluoride to a patient's teeth.  "I just feel it's very dangerous for the safety of my kids.  And I feel that they're my kids.  Anybody who comes into my office, in my chair, belongs to me while they're there.  I won't do anything to hurt them."  Ms. Leder added that the dentist she works for trusts her and allows her to have a free hand. 

    Ms. Leder outlined the typical fluoride treatment:  She pointed out that 10,000parts per million fluoride (which comes in flavours to make it more palatable) is left on the teeth for about five minutes .  Then the child spits it out, though,invariably he or she swallows some of itThe child cannot rinse, eat or drink for at least a half hour afterwards to the the fluoride soak into the teeth.

    Some parents, she said, report that their children become nauseous after fluoride treatments; they still want the fluoride administered, though, because they believe it will reduce tooth decay and lower their dental costs (as opposed to their medical or funeral costs?).

    After researching the matter, Ms. Leder is not convinced that fluoride does in fact reduce or prevent tooth decay"I just wish parents would read before they subject their children to something so dangerous ", she said.  "It's not going to save money.  Good oral hygiene is going to prevent tooth decayFluoride isn't."

    { According to N.C. Cons of the New York State Bureau of Dental Health, and Dr. Herschel S. Horowitz of the U.S. Public Health Service, topical fluoride is practically ineffective in reducing tooth decay .  Additional warnings of danger to gum tissues and dentinal tubules werevoiced at the American Association for the Advancement of Science as long ago as 1977 where it was point out that:  "There should be continuing concern and control with fluorides in all forms that are now becoming individually administered for home care (tablet, mouthwash, gels, toothpaste, etc.).  The high concentrations of some products may be neither biologically desirable nor clinically necessary."}


     Only July 21, 1990, Chuck Filippini took his 8 year old daughter to the dentist who received a fluoride treatment at 11:00 A.M.  Two hours later, she went into a seizure.  Two to three days later, she died.

    These cases are not unusual.  Surveys show that over 6% of the children receiving fluoride treatments at the dental office complained of side-effects, including nauseaand vomiting, either immediately or within one hour following treatment.

Other Acute Reactions

     Dr. Milton A. Saunders, a physician from Virginia Beach, Virginia, reported that acne-like eruptions also result from mere contact of fluoridated toothpaste with areas around the mouth.  In his report, published in Archives of Dermatology, he noted:  "I requested that these patients switch, on a trial basis, from their fluoride toothpastes to a nonfluoride toothpaste.  Within a period varying from two to four weeks, approximately one half the patients thus observed cleared of their previously persistent acne-like eruptions.  Several of the patients, who were concerned about the dental health factors relative to fluoride and it exclusion requested to resume use of a fluoride toothpaste.  These patients were than allowed to resume use of a fluoride toothpaste.  Without exception, each developed the same distribution of acne-like eruptions that had previously occurred."

    The findings of Dr. Saunders have since been corroborated by Dr. J. Ramsey Mellette and co-workers of the United States Army who "have gathered clinical and historical data implicating fluoride dentifrices as an important etiologic factor in the dermatosis."

    On November 3 1979, the Melbourne Truth of Australia carried the following story:

Fluoride Tablets Kill Baby Jason


    "Jason lapsed into a coma and died five days later at the Mater Children's  Hospital in South Brisbane.

     "A spokesman for the Queensland Justice Department confirmed that Jason's death was caused by fluoride poisoning.  He said the death certificate was authentic.  It records the cause of death as fluoride poisoning.

    "Mrs. Burton (Jason's Mother) recalled the day her nightmare began: 'I was getting some carpet laid while Jason was having his afternoon sleep.  After about five minutes--definitely not more than seven--I got the feeling something was the matter.  Jason was sitting on the floor with a bottle of fluoride tablets.  I rang the doctor and said Jason had taken some of the tablets, not many... about half a dozen.'

     "Mrs. Burton said the doctor told her to take Jason down to him and had then given the child a stomach pump.  'I asked the doctor if he had found any fluoride tablets and he replied that he had found four.'

    "Later, Mrs. Burton found her son had become unconscious.  She took him to the hospital.  She said a tube was placed in her son's throat and he was connected to a respirator.

     "Four days later, a brain specialist examined Jason and told Mrs. Burton that her son was technically but not yet clinically dead.  The next day, according to Mrs. Burton, the life support system was removed and Jason died

    "She said, 'They (the doctors) told me at first that it was impossible for fluoride to kill my son.  Finally they said that it was the fluoride.'

    "Mrs.*Burton said Jason had been taking fluoride tablets every day since his first birthday.  In Addition, she had been told to take them during her pregnancy."

    How many child deaths from 'sudden infant death syndrome' are associated with the consumption of or overdose of fluoride from tablets, toothpastes, and dental treatments?  This is still hard to determine.  Even in the above three cases, where it was clearly shown that these childhood deaths were due to fluoride, the attending physicians and dentists refused to admit openly that fluoride was the killer (but would they swallow it?).  Think how much harder it is to recognize fluoride as the villain when it works more slowly as in the following case related by Cynthia Markos of Battle Creek, Michigan.

     "It all started when my 5 year old son, Eric Markos, was given fluoride rinses weekly at the Head Start Program.  Naturally, I signed a permission slip for him to participate in the program;  I was always led to believe fluoride is great.  No one from the Head Start Program informed me that it could cause problems for children.

     "Eric started the Head Start Program on October 14, 1980.  The fluoride rinsing started the week of October 20th, 1980.  By Thanksgiving, November 26, 1980, Eric was having stomach achesonce to twice a week.  His appetite was not like it had been , he was always tired and wanted to sleep a lot .  One of his teachers informed me that he was sick quite oftenat school and had to lie down.  She said he would sometimes turn pale in the facewhen he complained of stomach aches.  His problem seemed to get worse, more severe pain on the weekends.  Finally, on February 20, 1981, I took Eric to see his pediatrician, Dr. Joseph Levy.  Dr Levy examined Eric in his office as thoroughly as possible.  He also gave Eric a Pin Worm Test, which turned out to be negative.  The doctor thought it was possibly his 'nerves doing this'. As Eric's mother I didn't go along was this theory at all.  Dr. Levy could find no physical problems with Eric.  Eric continued having stomach problems, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

     On March 17, 1981 I met Mr. Andrew Craig.  He got on the subject of fluoridated water in the city of Battle Creek.  He made a statement which really hit home with me:  'Fluoride is a poison and can cause, in small children especially, gastrointestinal tract problems .'  After talking with Mr. Craig about fluoride, I informed him of my son's problems and then he was on a fluoride rinse program.  He then gave me quite a bit of information pertaining to fluoride.  After reading all of the information and thinking back about when Eric's problems started I decided this could be the cause of his stomach aches.  So I took Eric completely off the rinse program, fluoridated toothpaste at home, and all natural fluoride food and drinks.

    "Well, Eric's health was 100% better after just one week of being off the fluoride.  I look back now and realize how sick Eric really was.  Seeing him healthy now is such a great relief I don't want to think about what could have happened to him if we hadn't caught the fluoride overfeed in time."

    Fluoride mouth rinse programs are currently being administered to children by teachers.  Since these teachers are not licensed to practice medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy, fluoride mouth rinse programs are illegal.  To administer the drug, teachers are required to take 3 to 4 gram packets of sodium fluoride (enough to kill 3 to 6 children) and dilute them for use by the children.  This is in violation of pharmacy laws which prohibit the compounding or dispensing of drugs without a license.  Fluoride is classified both as a drug and as a poison .  Furthermore, in the administration of this program to students, the teacher, as well as the school board, are guilty of practicing medicine without a license.  Additionally, since most school rinse programs do not make the parent aware of the warning on the fluoride rinse packets, " AMOUNT IS POISONOUS IF SWALLOWED.  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN."  and "WARNING:  DO NOT SWALLOW ", they are in violation of laws requiring the terminal distributor to make the parents aware of the danger involved.

Tide Beginning to Turn?

     Even the promoters of fluoridation and the fluoride supplements are beginning to leave the ship, but as they delay, they continue to subject the innocent, trusting, and unaware public to the devastating effects of fluoride.  Consider the following:

    In 1977, the Fluoride Symposium of the 143rd Annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and again in 1978, the Journal of the American Dental Association reported that 0.5 mg fluoride supplements were causing dental fluorosisBut nothing was done about it and millions of children have been poisoned as a result.

     In the 1978 Physicians' Desk Reference(p. 1637), the following statement with regard to fluoride supplements was made:  "A daily fluoride intake of 0.5 mg from birth to age three years... is recommended."

    Then, in the 1983 Physicians' Desk Reference (p. 1977), the following statement with regard to fluoride supplements was made:  "In communities with less than 0.3 ppm fluoride in the water supply, the recommended dosage is 0.25 mg daily between birth and two years of age." The recommended dose had been cut in half.

    Finally, in the 1992 Canadian Dental Association Proposed Fluoride Guidelines, the following statement was made:  "Fluoride supplements should not be recommended for children less than three years old."

    In 1993, thanks to the tenacity of a New Jersey legislative aide, Michael Perrone, the  FDA was forced to admit:

        (1) that they have no studies showing that fluoride tablets or drops are either safe or effective in reducing tooth decay and
        (2) that the sale of fluoride tablets and drops is illegal and legally they should be removed from the market

Discussion of Clinical Findings

    It is difficult, in these clinical observations, to determine the exact mechanism of fluoride action.  The skin diseases could be the result of fluoride inducing the distortion of body proteins , which, not recognized by the body, induces the body's immune system to attack it.

    The arthritic symptoms of back pains, stiffness, and aching bonescould be a mild form of the fluoride induced osteoarthritis observed in Kizilcaoern, Turkey as well as in India.  Alternatively, these symptoms could be rheumatoid arthritis brought about by an autoimmune response to the fluoride induced production of imperfect collagen in bone, cartilage, ligaments, and/or tendons.

     The gastrointestinal symptoms result from the direct toxic effects of fluoride on the stomach and theinhibition of intestinal bacteria.  These bacteria aid in the digestion of food and when they are inhibited, gastrointestinal disorders can be expected.

    The symptoms of fatigueis probably the result of the inhibitory effect of fluoride on thyroid activity.  As pointed out by the Merck Index, fluoride was formerly used to depress thyroid activity.  As little as 5 milligrams, the amount consumed daily by people drinking fluoridated water, has been shown to lower thyroid activity in humans .

    In rare cases, immediate death from fluoride occurs as a result ofcardiac arrest, possibly brought on in some cases by an anaphylactic (or anaphylactoid) shock .  More often, fluoride induced acceleration of the aging process leads to disease so persistently severe that death is an eventual, though not immediate result.

WARNING:  Everyone being exposed to the levels of fluoride found in the fluoridated drinking water is being chronically poisoned.  Recurrent 'upset stomachs', arthritis, skin problems, weakness , etc. are diseases which people begin to accept as normal.  As these disease become more severe, they are attribute to 'old age'.  Of special interest is the fact that before any disease is even noticeable, the acceleration of the aging processby fluoride is already occurring at the biochemical level (by means of enzyme inhibition, collagen breakdown , genetic damage, and/or disruption of the immune system per se).  People who do not experience one or more of the overt fluoride induced clinical symptoms will invariably be experiencing the fluoride induced subclinical deterioration of the body commonly referred to as aging.

 Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, chapter 2, "Symptoms of Fluoride Poisoning in the Western World", Fluoride the Aging Factor, pp 7-25, (1993), Health Action Press.
(appendix for the above excerpt)


 The Following excerpt was taken from a FAX transmission from
The Parent Information and Referral Center at Lucile Packard Children's Health Services,
UCSF Stanford Health Care, Palo Alto, CA,
on March 30, 1999:


"Fluoride builds strong, decay-resistant enamel and reduces cavities by 70%.  Children 6 months to 16 years old need fluoride (1995 American Dental Association recommendation).  Drinking fluoridated water (containing 0.7 to 1.2 parts fluoride per million) or taking a prescription fluoride supplement is the best protection against tooth decay.

 "To get enough fluoride from drinking water, a child must drink at least 1 pint of fluoridated water each day.  By school age a child preferably drinks 1 quart of fluoridated water per day.

"If fluoride isn't added to your city's water supply or you are breast-feeding, ask your physician for a prescription for fluoride drops or tablets during your next routine visit.  The dosage of fluoride is 0.25 mg per day for children up to 3 years old; 0.5 mg per day for children 3 to 6 years old; and 1.0 mg for children over age 6.  Mixing fluoride with milk reduces absorption of the fluoride to 70%.  For this reason you should give fluoride to your child when he or she has an empty stomach.

"Bottled water usually doesn't contain enough fluoride .  Call the bottled water producer for information.  If your child drinks bottled water containing 0.6 or less parts fluoride per million, ask your physician for a fluoride supplement.

"Fluoride is safe.  Over half of all Americans drink fluoridated water.  Fluoride has been added to water supplies for over 50 years.  Consumer's Report (July/August 1978) states:  "The simple truth is that there is no scientific controversy over the safety of fluoridation.  The practice is safe, economical, and beneficial.  The survival of any controversy is one of the major triumphs of quackery over science in our generation."

 "One concern about fluoride is white spots or mottling on the teeth (called fluorosis).  This can occur when a child ingests 2 mg or more fluoride per day.  The preventative dose is 1 mg or less.  Children may ingest too much fluoride if they receive fluoride supplements when fluoride is already present in the city water supply.  Occasionally they ingest fluoride by eating their toothpaste.  A ribbon of  toothpaste contains about 1 mg of fluoride.  Therefore, people of all ages should use only a drop of toothpaste the size of a pea.  This precaution, and encouraging your child not to swallow most of the toothpaste, will prevent fluorosis..."

written by an evil shark
Written by B.D. Schmitt, M.D., author of "Your Child's Health," Bantam Books,
Copyright 1998 Clinical Reference Systems

At first I asked the nurse stationed at the PIRC about the database, Clinical Reference Systems (CRS).  She said that "someone like myself would not be able to obtain it since it is only available to hospitals and health care providers at a large fee, but it is a very large, extensive database."

When I asked her what studies Dr. Schmitt's conclusion is based on she could not answer.  "CRS does not have the information."  I asked her upon which experiments, clinical or field studies upon which Dr. Schmitt based his claim.  The nurse, in turn, asked me if I was going to use this data for a paper.  I said "yes" and she suggested that I "Go to a better source of information if you are writing any kind of scientific paper" !  I insisted for the information since it is the same dispensed to so many parents who gauge their lives and the lives of their children upon this 'official doctor's opinion'.

 So much for the very large, extensive database....

For those of you who are writing scientific papers and have been looking for some extensive data concerning the fluoride/tooth decay studies please refer to the following excerpt.  If the reader believes that this data has been fixed, an appendix has also provided.  I also recommend your own personal investigation.

Please always be logical and inquisitive.  Use common sense and a whole new world of better health can open for you.

 If you are afraid of being called an 'alarmist', then look at the definition:  "a person who habitually spreads alarming rumors, exaggerated reports of danger, etc; a person easily frightened and likely to anticipate the worst"  (Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language, Second College Edition).  We must ask ourselves:  Is it a rumor if it is based in scientific fact?  Am I spreading 'alarming rumors' and 'exaggerated reports of danger' like a malicious fiend who gets pleasure from other people's fear and misery or am I being responsible in giving proper warning to prevent harm to the unsuspecting.  Am I easily frightened like someone hidden in a sanitarium?  (And the only place that I am likely to anticipate the worst is the stock market.)  The rest is a matter of self defense and knowledge is the first line.  Be Well.

Grassroots organization POWA launches campaign to outlaw fluoridation of municipal water supplies

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'Fluoride - The Aging Factor' by John Yiamouyannis
The preceding were chapters taken from 'Fluoride - The Aging Factor' by John Yiamouyannis, Health Action Press

You can also find this book at Barnes and Noble

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